Rise of the Resistance Set to Open at Disney

Disney Is Ready To Impress Star Wars Fans 

January 16, 2020 | By Jimmy Alvarez

Southern California is one of the most visited tourist destinations on the planet. Not only do we have the best weather that enables everyone to do so many things; the entertainment that’s available is unreal. Consider the sports franchises we can see all year long like the Dodgers, Angels, Lakers, Clippers, Kings and Ducks. Then, there’s the music venues that bring in every band you can think of on any given night. If that’s not enough, then there’s the movies you can see 24/7; and last, but definitely not least… there’s the amusement parks. We have Universal, Magic Mountain, Lego Land, Sea World and Knott’s. That all being said, the top attraction in So Cal remains, Disneyland.

If anything, OC locals display a superpower that very few communities can claim. They’re a very great measurement of what’s cool and what’s not. The locals have been part of the epicenter of so many cool things throughout the decades they are the quintessential focus group. The bar to impress them is insanely high.

Needless to say, we all lost our minds when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge was first announced. There was so much anticipation for this attraction it was surreal. Truthfully, with Disney, you always expect more than a ride, you expect an experience. NOW, it’s time for the Rise of the Resistance

With all this in mind, the landscape the Disney Imagineers created at Star Wars Land is spectacular. When you arrive for the first time, you literally feel that you’ve been transported to a Galaxy far-far-away! It even has its very own uber-cool cantina. The look-feel literally puts you in a storyline from any of the Star Wars films. For that alone, a big thumbs up to Disney and everyone involved with that aspect.

The reality of any iconic venue is that they can be the victim of their own success. Inasmuch as the landscapes are amazing, the ride itself fell a little short for the locals. Sadly for Disney, the insanely positive accolades they may have been expecting just weren’t there. Again, victim of their own success.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve never been to Disney, or you’re the occasional visitor, the attraction is bad-ass. Again, due to the number of bad-ass attractions in So Cal, the manner in which the locals evaluate the bad-assesness of any attraction anywhere is fluid at best.

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After a spectacular grand opening with the unveiling of Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, the overall opinions have been lukewarm. In all fairness, if this was the only attraction scheduled, then an average report card would have been warranted. For whatever reason, the locals knew getting a “C” doesn’t seem to be Disney’s style.

Disney fans everywhere know that Disney always has something in the works. The constant development angle was always part of Walt’s mission statement. When the Disney Imagineers worked on the vision  for Star Wars land, there was always plans for another attraction, that attraction was a monumental effort that created Rise of the Resistance.

As for this ride, it’s special by any standard. That’s a very bold statement considering the other venues and the bar that’s been set for what’s the “IT” place to go to in So Cal. Rise of the Resistance doesn’t take you on just a ride, it’s like Indiana Jones on steroids; it’s a cartoon-crazy-like adventure come to life.

For the hard-core Star Wars fan, they will appreciate the overall layout. One part of Star Wars land is based in heavily controlled and fortified evil First Order territory, while the other half is in the hands of the Resistance. Now with both sides being properly represented, you know… the good-versus-evil conflict, the Star Wars saga has literally been brought to life.

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The Rise of the Resistance takes us on a journey where not only are you on a ride, you’re a participant that gets to confront Storm Troopers, engage in battles and be part of the story.

The attraction is set to open tomorrow, Friday January 17. 2020. I anticipate this ride will set a new bar for the entertainment industry putting Disney back on top of the tourist destination map.

I highly recommend checking this adventure out as it lives up to all the hype!

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