Jimmy Alvarez

Executive Producer and On-Air Personality

Alvarez joined TNN in 2006 as an Executive Producer and was its first On-Air Personality. He’s a  broadcasting and publishing professional working in the SoCal area for the past two + decades. Jimmy is the primary host for TNN’s Sunday live broadcast. In addition to his duties at TNN, he also writes for a variety of music publications including the OC Weekly and Las Vegas music publication, Smash Magazine. Notably, Jimmy published his first commercial work in 2007 through Red Lead Press in Pittsburgh. 
On the broadcasting side, Jimmy’s first venture into music landed him as a club DJ in the Los Angeles music scene in the early 80’s. His early work in broadcasting was in AM Radio, starting in the News Room at KFRN [1280 AM] , Long Beach]. In 1988, he joined KROQ FM.  Alvarez began his LA Radio tenure as a segment Producer, then moved over to Public Affairs in 1989 where he engaged in a live call-in talk show called “Openline.” He worked with radio icons  Scott Mason and Boyd Britton aka “Doc on the Roq.” Jimmy also worked the occasional show with Morning Show DJ Gene “Bean” Baxter, and Doug “Sluggo” Roberts. In ’89, he acquired his FCC license and transitioned to to live music shows like Reggae Revolution and All Night Radio with the legendary “Swedish Egil.” Alvarez also did occasional late night radio with  Rodney Bingenheimer. In 1991, along with a few other KROQ staffers, Jimmy assisted Egil with the start up of MARS FM [KDLD 103.1FM, Santa Monica].  
Jimmy was part of the May 2014 transition team from the Anaheim studio to KX935.
Weird factoid: Jimmy is the sole owner of the 2014 Mayan calendar.

Christina  Sanchez                                                                                                                                                          

On-Air Personality and Photographer

Christina is a regular on the TNN live broadcast and is also the Host of New Music Mondays on Facebook. She also manages TNN’s Instagram Social Media Page. She was at Interscope Records before joining TNN as a Correspondent and Photographer. She has shot just about every notable band you can think of. Bands like AC/DC, Cage The Elephant, The Rolling Stones to Pearl Jam just to name a few.  her work is also being used by 311 in a 2017 merchandise campaign. Her concert photography and other art work can be found at and She has also interviewed and written reviews for bands such as The Airborne Toxic Event, Blondfire, The Pixies, The Misfits, Bloc Party, Hot Water Music, Quicksand, P.O.D. and American Authors.
In addition to being a seasoned concert photographer, she is also an award winning fine art photographer. After earning a Bachelor of Social Science Degree from James Cook University in Queensland, Australia, she studied photography at Mira Costa College in Oceanside, CA. Now she has Art and photography shows at galleries throughout Southern California. She was recently a featured artist at Artopia in Anaheim, CA. When she is not busy keeping TNN Host, Jimmy Alvarez out of trouble, she spends her time traveling the world, she has even gone cage diving with Great Whites in South Africa; an doing pin up modeling for Cuties for a Cause. 
Christina was part of the May 2014 transition team from the Anaheim studio to  KX935.
Weird factoid: Christina plays drums and is a Master in Taekwondo. 

Christy Carter                                                                                                                                          

On-Air Personality                                                                                     

Christy is a radio broadcast veteran who has worked in the Los Angeles market as the overnight DJ at southern Californias’ iconic Modern Rock powerhouse KROQ FM. She’s also graced the airwaves as a DJ at other radio stations such as  KNNX in Anaheim and KFSD in San Diego. In addition to being an on air personality she also served as Promotions Director and events coordinator at WLUM FM 102.1 in Milwaukee.  Christy started her career at WRIF in Detroit where she served as an on air personality, programming assistant, and events coordinator.
On the academic side, Christy studied Liberal Arts at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan and Broadcast Arts at Specs Howard University in Southfield, Michigan. In addition to music, her other passions include Trent Reznor . Stephen King, and American Horror Story. Working with animals is of great importance to Christy (having owned horses since the age of four, and also volunteering with animal rescue groups such as the Wildlife Waystation where she helped care for a tiger). Christy is an avid animal rights activist. (No flour bombing or paint throwing from Christy, though). Carter also co-hosted TNN’s flagship program back in 2012 “TNN’s Alternative Lunch” with Jimmy Alvarez. She now makes the occasional appearance on the Sunday program. Carter is also a music correspondent that covers concerts and interviews bands for articles that are published for TNN. 
Christy was part of the May 2014 transition team from the Anaheim studio to  KX935.
Weird factoid: Christy and John Easdale of Dramarama stockpile tons of “Tab” in the trunk of their cars.

Randi Lavik                                                                                        

Associate Producer and On-Air Personality

Like Alvarez and Carter, Lavik spent time at the World Famous KROQ in Burbank, California from 1987 through 1990. She was there during the time that place was becoming World Famous by breaking bands like Missing Persons, The Specials, Oingo Boingo, Ramones, The Smiths, The Cure, Depeche Mode among countless others. Over the years, she spent time at other Southern California Radio Stations such as 1110 AM, KRLA and the iconic KLOS 95.5 FM (The Rock of Southern California) . She has also worked along side several radio legends, including Scott Shannon  at 100.3 KQLZ FM (Pirate Radio). 
At TNN RADIO / KX935, Randi currently does double duty. In addition to her On-Air duties, she is an Associate Producer lining up artist interviews, working local concerts for the station and working on creative Marketing campaigns. She is also an aspiring Author and is currently working on an oral history of her time at KROQ with co-author Debbie DeWall.
Randi joined TNN RADIO / KX935 in March, 2016.
Weird factoid: Randi is a trained Librarian, and was the youngest female Monorail Operator ever at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. 

See the source image
ALSO on the broadcast, former KROQ Late Night DJ, Leeza London aka “the American in London” joins us in the KX935 Studio from time-to-time…  AND YES, she brings new music from across the pond, and closer to home!


REGIONAL – SoCal – Michelle Alvarez, Chris Graue, Billy Skelly,  Alaina Pierce, Fatima Kelley, JC Sutherlin, Oliver Zavala, Brittany Woolsey and Priscella Vega. 
NoCal – Lisa Huey
NATIONAL – Steve Galli, David Pierce and Steve Mitchell.
Notably: since 2006, TNN Photogs have had their work  featured in the L.A. Times,   The OC Register,  The OC Weekly and countless artist websites and social media pages.
FEATURED: Michelle Alvarez AND Christina Preiss had their work featured in 2017 by LiveNation for the re-opening of the House Of Blues, Anaheim.  Additionally, Michelle’s photos will be part of a 2017 add campaign for local punk legends, Social Distortion. Christina’s photos were used by 311 for a promotional campaign.  


Arlene Semko – Irvine, California.

Rod Ammons – Miami, Florida.

Todd Sherman – Chicago, Illinois.

Nathan Scott – New York, NY.


Dan Ardis – A/Tech – Ventura, California. 


Phil Machi  – Livestock Productions – Austin, Texas.

Amber Crouch – Amber Customs – Anaheim, California.

Thom Foolery – Marvel Animation – Los Angeles, California. 


Katon Guinen


TNN’s previous on-air personalities include Mike Berault, Lydia Belton, PhD., Lisa Meyers and Baron Tenelle.

Image result for Family Guy Cartoon

Mike Berault aka Mike B

These days, Mike remains on stage playing gigs with LP3 & The Tragedy. Mike was also part of the 3rd wave Punk-ska band My SuperHero, and 2014-2016 he was in Skadonna. Mike was part of the May 2014 transition team from the Anaheim studio to KX935.

Image result for lydia belton ph d dr tranquility

 DrTranquility – Lydia Belton, Ph D

Lydia is a well known mental health professional. She is a Harvard educated mental health specialist and remains a force in the community. Lydia has other media ventures and can be found today under her media identity as “DrTranquility.”

Lisa Meyers aka Lisa Lately

Lisa, who goes by the stage name of “Lisa Lately,” was formerly at alternative modern rock station “PLANET RADIO” [107.3 FM] based in Jacksonville, Florida before joining TNN. Her segment covered current event topics from regional, national,  as well as international news feeds. As part of her witness relocation deal, Lisa now resides in Colorado where she does occasional commercial voice-over work.

Baron Tenelle

Baron is also known as T.,  he covered politics, sports and local news. Barons’ current whereabouts are unknown.

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