The DWARVES Take Back The Night

(SoCal HOEDOWN | Photo by Micheal Bunuan)

The Dwarves Play Two Nights at Gallagher’s

January 11, 2020 | By Jimmy Alvarez

2020 is now in full swing, and it’s time for the OC concert season to start  taking shape. So who’s putting on the killer shows in January? Well, coming off a very successful summer run with the SoCal HOEDOWN and several other shows, Sellout Events founders Scott Tucker and Vanessa Turbay have their eyes set on some lofty goals in 2020. In addition to Sellout Events, the duo also own a local historic restaurant and music venue called Gallagher’s. Aside the uber-big events; Sellout has great plans for the locals… Tucker and Turbay have booked some very cool shows at Gallagher’s, especially in January. If you like your music a little louder, get ready to see The Dwarves.

The Dwarves are a kick-ass punk band that was originally formed in Chicago. Today they call San Francisco home, but regardless where they get their mail; they remain the quintessential hardcore punk rock band of a lifetime. They have fans that come from just about every walk of life and corner of the planet to support them. Honestly, it literally takes a village to be able to pump out great music for the better part of 30 years. That support alone sets this band apart from the pack.

This iconic band has released some of the genres most revered albums with lyrics that have endeared them to their fans. Their shows have been notable for displaying some insane on and off-stage antics and fights. Notably, HeWhoCannotBeNamed performs either in nothing but a jockstrap or totally nude; that and his trademark “Rey Mysterio” wrestling mask, and … well, words alone can’t do justice to how the crowd at any venue reacts.

(I’m a Living Sickness from the album titled, Horror Stories)

Over the years the lineup has shifted, but the core remains intact. They are collectively electric; today the band features lead vocalist, Blag Dahlia (a.k.a. Blag the Ripper), guitarist, HeWhoCannotBeNamed (a.k.a. Pete Vietnamcheque), bassist / backing vocals, Rex Everything, guitarist, Fresh Prince of Darkness and Hunter Down on drums.

Seriously, crowds at their shows loose their proverbial cartoon-crazy-minds. You never know who is more animated at a show, the crowd or the band as both get so into the music it’s a insane asylum of punk insanity. Some of the songs that drive fans to scream bloody murder are , Drug Store, Speed Demon, Better be WomenFree Cocaine, Lucky Tonight, Anybody Out There, Pimp, Lick It, Fefu, and Over You just to name a few.

(Better Be Women off the album titled, Come Clean)

Truthfully, no legendary band has earned their wings without a little controversy. That can happen by circumstance or design. For the Dwarves, it’s a little of both. For example, their album covers are intentionally confrontational for that very reason; they are thought provoking and they are meant to engage. They often feature dwarf actor Bobby Faust with an assortment of naked women, and sometimes the themes have been argued to be sacrilegious. Luckily, no band worth their salt have ever been guided by mainstream social opinions. After all, public opinion is influential, media is influential, but uncompromising bands make history. 

(Take Back The Night off the album titled, Take Back The Night)

In the end, great bands are never content with driving in the center lane, it’s the fast lane every-moment-of-every-day.  The band was once described as the Wu-Tang Clan of punk bands. That said, The Dwarves remain on the outer edges of most fans’ consciousnesses. So what’s new, well… their 2018 release Take Back The Night is doing very well with the Diehards. It’s very reminiscent of their early work, there’s something to be said about honoring your history with a new sound and vision. 

Look, you can read all you want about any band, and just how outrageous they are or how “connected” they are their fans, and still not know shit about who they are. Hopefully that makes sense. To get a true measurement of any band, especially this… you really need to see them live. Bottom line, Lords of Acid or My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult got nothing on The Dwarves. 

So what to do?…. luckily, Sellout Events is putting on 2 nights of insanity at Gallagher’s in Huntington Beach.  Check them out January 24th and 25th, it’ll be an event you won’t forget any time soon.   

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