The Return of Chase Long Beach


January 3rd, 2020 | By Jimmy Alvarez

One day it comes and then it gets you, before you know it’s all over. It’s hard to believe when it’s the end of any era, but sadly, that’s just a part of life. For years DiPiazza’s has been a place where many of us have gone for lunch or dinner and kick-ass shows. It’s been a home and meeting place for so many in the LB and OC music community. Now it’s official, Mark DiPiazza announced the venue has been sold; it’s unclear at this time what the new owners will do with the music landmark. 

What we do know is that show are booked through the end of February and then the ride ends, at least for now. In the interim, rising from the ashes of this news is a celebration for the locals. The Power Ska Group Chase Long Beach [“CLB”] will make their triumphant return to the stage January 30th at DiPiazza’s. 

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Chase Long Beach Spokesperson Karen Roberts said “We are ECSTATIC that we could pull together and make this show happen.”  Initially the band was looking at a later show date, but due to a variety of factors, and the DiPiazza announcement, the timing was appropriate.  Roberts went on to say “DiPiazza’s had been a HUGE part of CLB’s beginning, middle and end. Mark DiPiazza gave us, and so many other young local bands a chance, when often no one else would. We probably never would have ended up where we did if it hadn’t been for Mark and Dipiazza’s.”

Truth is, many bands and fans in general spent much of their youth and adult lives at that venue. That’s the case for many iconic music palaces, they become part of our lives and memories. It has been a haven for the SoCal music scene in general. Roberts added “Mark has been like a dad to most of us, we knew if anything would bring us back together: it had to be the Dipiazza announcementChase Long Beach wants to thank Mark and Dipiazza’s for everything you’ve given us, this was the least we could give in return.

Known for the fearlessness on stage, their wicked sense of humor, adroit lyrics and soulful / electric sound,  Chase Long Beach returns with a good number of it’s original members. Performing will be Karen Roberts (vocals), Meagan Dolce (trumpet/vocals), Tristan Dolce (trumpet), Drew Pedersen (trombone), Joe Cooper (guitar), Patrick Clancy (bass), Jose Rodriguez (Rod) (drums).


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(From their 2007 album titled, LeBec)

In addition to CLB, there will be a few familiar faces joining the celebration. Mum’s the word for now, but there may be some additional surprises still to come. 

(We’ve Got Pockets Like Nobody’s Business from the album titled, Gravity Is What You Make It)

In the end, I have this theory that a scene is best measured by the effort it makes to build a home for itself.  For the locals, Dipiazza’s was that home, and what a home it was. It was built by Mark, the staff at DiPiazza’s, the bands and the fans. It was essential for this scene to be what it is today.

A for CLB, it’s not clear just yet what the future has in store for them, maybe more gigs, maybe not. One thing is certain, you can see them January 30th at DiPiazza’s!

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