Anberlin – The Observatory‏

Concert review by Shareef Ellis

A16It was a little on the cool side at the Observatory in Santa Ana, California on February 27th, but things were about to warm up considerably. Still on their first half of their Tour De Vital, Anberlin was finally in Southern California. By the size of the line outside the venue, it was apparent their fans couldn’t wait to see the cats from Winter Haven, Florida.

They played to a packed house, as the show opened… lead singer Stephen Christian exclaiming, “We do it for the fans!” This crowd was energized and responded in cheers. From the first song Resistance, the band commanded the audience’s attention. This increased as the band dazzled with a light show that Matthew Bellamy of Muse would have enjoyed. Plenty of songs started from the darkness only to build, similar to Anberlin’s musical styling.

A3For those who haven’t followed the band as well as you should, they originally formed back in 1998′ when they called themselves SaGoh 24/7. They released two studio albums before going on walkabout. In the end, the band had a change in musical direction, and name. That said, Anberlin was formed in 2002. After hitting the road on the Vans Warped Tour, they really took off in 2008′ with critical acclaim to their album entitled New Surrender. The band experienced a new found level of media demand with Feel Good Drag. They experienced an even greater level of popularity through popular covers like Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence and Peter Hook’s always inspiring New Order classic, True Faith. Their fans lost their proverbial minds when their uber-hit Impossible took to the airwaves. Building a strong foundation of fans, Anberlin has clearly found a niche of loud driving music with melodramatic undertones.

A1The crowd got to hear the songs they came for, they also got to hear a number of songs from their latest album Vital. Other crowd favorites were The Unwinding Cable Car and Modern Age which reflected the band dynamic sound and Christian’s vocal range; and growth as an artist. It was clear, the concertgoers didn’t want this night to end. Anberlin kept the audience engaged until the final chord on the final song, (*Fin).  It was a great night for music in Santa Ana, California. Anberlin has  certainly come a long way since they were  SaGoh 24/7!

I highly recommend catching Anberlin when they come to your neck of the woods. For more information on the band, go to their social media pages at Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. You can find their music in stores, and a variety of online vendors such as iTunes. For your musical edification and bemusement pleasure, go to to find all you ever wanted to know about Anberlin.

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