Angels & Airwaves – Glasshouse, Pomona

Concert review by JD Alvarez

Who said lightning can’t strike twice? Tom DeLonge, the dynamic Blink 182 front-man is opening eyes with Angels & Airwaves and definitely putting the kibosh to that old saying.

For those with inquiring minds, who are not as familiar with this band as they would like, DeLonge formed Angels and Airwaves in 2005′ after the initial breakup of Blink. After careful consideration, DeLonge marketed the bands initials after his daughter Ava, and the adventure began. He also brought along a few accomplished musicians he considers his friends for the ride. From the initial group, guitarist David Kennedy (formerly of Box Car Racer) remains with the band. Other members now include bassist Matt Wachter (formerly of 30 Seconds to Mars) and drummer Ilan Rubin (formerly of Nine Inch Nails). Together they are mesmerizing audiences with their dynamic guitar riffs, their epic OMD-esque overtones and that unique voice that Tom brings to their music.

AVA is currently touring in support of their 4th studio album and latest release Love: Part Two. On February 2, 2012 Angels and Airwaves hit the Glasshouse in Pomona, California on their last leg of their U.S. tour. Coincidentally, the Glasshouse was the site of their inaugural appearance as AVA. This was a fact DeLonge was happy to share with the crowd. As for the crowd, there was quite the array of concert goers and age groups. Everything from teenage punkers with mohawks, to others who looked like Sid and Nancy if they made it to their 50’s. There were also countless fans sporting their Blink and AVA T’s!

That all being said, AVA came out strong to the screams of their fans. The light show was stunning, it gave the venue a larger than life and Demode-like feel. It was so good, it would have impressed Dave Gahan.

AVA opened strong with Saturday Love and Young London. They segwayed into their mega-hits Surrender, the Adventure and Everything’s Magic. DeLonge’s delivery was inspired, he demonstrated his growth as an artist, and as a performer. Demonstrating his showmanship, he captivated the crowd with his Peter Murphy-esque command of the stage. His interlude with the crowd during There Is was funny, and moving. Kennedy and Wachter played flawlessly while Rubin kept a very steady and energetic beat. AVA closed with All That We Are and The War to the delight of the crowd.

Although AVA may have had the perception of being a side-project in its infancy, they have developed their own identity. By the reaction of their fans at the Glasshouse, DeLonge has captured Zeus’ bolt.

The band is enjoying their success with a follow-up performance on JKL (Jimmy Kimmel Live) before moving on to tour Australia. For more information on AVA, go to, or catch them on Facebook and Twitter.
You can also pick up their music on iTunes.

Click here to check out TNN’s photos from the show!

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