Bad Religion – Hollywood Palladium

Concert Review by Gil Perez

BR1Celebrating their 33 plus years of hard hitting politically charged punk rock, Bad Religion rolled into the Hollywood Palladium. Their latest album, True North is a testament to their longevity in the punk rock scene. They still remain one of the most respected and sought after bands amongst punk fans, new and old.

The supporting acts were post hardcore acts, The Polar Bear Club, and The Bronx.  Hardly an evening for the lighthearted, or was it? It’s almost always a disappointment when entertaining bands come to Los Angeles. It was a great show, without a doubt, but the crowd lacked the kind of energy you would expect for this kind of lineup.  The Polar Bear Club had the toughest draw, you know… being in the shadows of Bad Religion and The Bronx. It just seemed like the fans couldn’t wait for the other two band. The band could do little to arouse the attention of the crowd.

BR10Next up was The Bronx. I had not seen these guys before, and have only heard of the insane raucous shows that they are well known for. In my humble opinion, the crowd let them down. I was really expecting to witness a really crazy high energy show, but it just didn’t happen. Let it be said that L.A. and the hipster movement are solely responsible for dismantling any sense of emotion and energy from a really good live show.  However, let is also be said that there are a few true punk fans that support the scene, and they got to see a great set from The Bronx.

Bad Religion finally took to the stage. Not much new can be written about these guys. They’ve always put on a great show, and this night was no different. Playing songs old and new from their catalog, spanning over 33 years. The crowd got to hear the songs they came for. Tunes such as 21st Century Digital Boy, Los Angeles is Burning with new songs like Fuck You and True North. Despite a great sound, this crowd seemed a little like the attendance numbers, SOLD OUT! That happens sometimes in the City of Angels, or perhaps they were just infected by Hipsterobia?!

If you are interested in reading up on what a punk icon looks like, go to the bands website at, or try the band’s social media pages at Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or MySpace.

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