Berlin – HOB, Anaheim

Concert review by Candace Coy

BE6It was like any other usual Saturday evening at the House the Mouse built. The sun was setting, and the wind was gently blowing away the remainder of the winter chill. I, of course, could not figure out what to wear. I was unusually nervous because I was finally going to meet two of the bands whose hit songs could sum up parts of my entire high school existence. When I finally settled on what to wear, I was off to the House of Blues, Anaheim.  Not to my surprise; outside the venue was a line of excited fans wrapping clear around the corner. There were people of all ages waiting to get inside; ranging from 15-year-old teeny boppers to older married couples. It seemed to be split 50/50 on who they were there to see.

Once inside, I was impressed to see John Easdale of Dramarama warmly greeting fans and shaking hands… if he was kissing babies then he would have hit the trifecta. I smiled and nodded hello as I walked by him. I was on my way to help set up for the interview that Jimmy Alvarez was going to be conducting with him later that evening.  During the interview he seemed humble and friendly. He was calm and collected yet completely excited to be performing. His enthusiasm carried on to the stage when he sang his opening song, Blank.  He was wearing his iconic cowboy hat and black Ray-Ban sunglasses.  As he performed, the fans excitedly whooped and hollered as he danced and crawled across the stage. The crowd really got excited when he sang the songs they came to hear. Tunes like Haven’t Got A Clue, What Are We Gonna Do, Last Cigarette and the cult hit, Anything, Anything.  There were couples making out, high school kids dancing, and everyone else in between mouthing every word of that song. He concluded his show with a tip of the hat and off he went.

BE5Next up was Berlin. Terri Nunn is by far the synth-pop Queen of the 80’s! A very cool Queen at that, although she made it in the 80’s, she follows newer artists like Skrillex these days. The new blood and her Saturday night Radio Show at KCSN 88.5 FM (Los Angeles) may be some of her sources that gives her that high energy she displays in her performances! On this night, her fans were eagerly waiting as she opened with Masquerade. She followed up with another crowd favorite, No More Words.  Behind her was a video program that showcased the catalogue of songs being played, and the crowd loved it! Terri pressed the button, and sent us all back into time. The pure energy the fans displayed kicked up to another level when she went into uber-hit Metro. Nunn followed up with a few tunes off the new album including their first single Animal, and the crowd sang every word in unison. Even the band members’ kids who were backstage couldn’t resist singing and dancing along. During the show, Terri invited up a select few that were given special wrist bands at the beginning of the show. They joined her on stage to dance while she sang Sex, I’m a….  After the last note, she thanked everyone for coming, and gracefully left the stage. As the crowd swayed back and forth chanting “encore, encore”, Terri came back to close up the show with Take My Breath Away and Dancing In Berlin. As the music video played, the crowd sang along… all that was missing were the lighters, and Tom Cruise. It was nothing short of a sweet ending to a fun night.

For more information on the band, go to, or their social media pages at Facebook and Twitter.

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