Bjork – Hollywood Palladium‏

Concert review by Shareef Ellis

BJ12There are a lot of interesting artists in the music world, none more so than the former front-woman of the Icelandic band the Sugarcubes. Like Cher, Bono or Elvis… we know her by only one name; Björk. Southern California was in for a treat as she brought her Biophilia tour to the Hollywood Palladium.

Without any opening bands, Björk took the stage after a brief introduction by David Attenborough. Bjork wasn’t alone, she was accompanied by a 20 girl choir; the Hollywood Palladium was filled with vocal harmonies that reach into every corner of the venue. Alongside the vocals, the audience was greeted by a drummer, a harp and synth.

Focused on Björk’s Biophilia album, released in 2011. Best described as a concept album which she intended to blend; music, technology and themes of science and nature. While this isn’t much of a stretch from previous work, Björk’s weaves it together effortlessly.

The stage setup, unique as the artist, was created in the center of the Palladium. The audience surrounded her from every angle. Instruments placed at each corner, with the choir alongside Bjork. Songs such as Crystalline and Moon were crisp, each detailed layer of the music were as clear as putting on a pair of headphones. Included in the night were a few of Björk’s non-Biophilia songs: Hidden Place, Joga and Possibly Maybe.

BJ5Visually, the show was just as distinctive, as 8 televisions surrounded the stage. Showing strands of DNA and video of a eclipsing moon and other aspects of nature on display.  Björk’s interaction with the stage and the audience, kept focus for most of the performance.

This show was simple a play for your senses. Love or hate her, there is much to be said for her style. As always, Björk’s outfits did not disappoint, as always they mirrored an Mtv David Byrne video. Dawning a giant orange afro to a bubble-like dress, Bjork kept you wondering what would come next.

BJ2In the parking lot after the show, fans stood around talking. Some spoke of the songs, some spoke of the visuals. Most loved it, a few hated it… but they all said that Björk, and the show were memorable.

You can catch Björk on tour now. Go to her website at for her tour schedule. You can pick up her music from a variety of online music vendors, such as iTunes. You can also find out all their is to know about her by going to her social media pages found at Facebook, MySpace and Spotify, among many others.

Check out TNN’s photos from the show here!

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