DEVO at San Manuel Casino

Concert review by JD Alvarez

In the midst of a bustling casino in San Bernardino County, there’s a little venue where patrons come to hear bands of all genres and eras. On August 4th, 2011 it was New-Wave legends DEVO.

The crowd had a good multi-generational mix. Described as having a cult-like following, some of their fans have supported the band since 1973 when they were just students at Kent State. Younger fans were there as well, the kids I spoke with said they have followed their music through their parents, or some other family influence. No matter who I spoke with, young or old, they all had fond memories and great expectations of the band.

DEVO’ites are comforted with a legacy that the band is considered by all as pioneers of the New-Wave, Post Punk, Synthpop, Synthpunk and early Mtv era’s. They will always be considered the ultimate audio and visual spectacle. They made technology and videos cool before Smart Phones and YouTube were even a concept.  For most older fans, when they hear DEVO, they think 80’s, New-Wave, leg warmers, spandex and big hair! Their visual presentation is only rivaled by New-Wave and alternative darlings Depeche Mode. DEVO’s presentation would even inspire Dave Gahan and Martin Gore.

After their two-decade long hiatus, in 2010′ DEVO released Something For Everybody.  Capitalizing on their past, and looking towards the future, DEVO experienced their first commercial success in some time with Fresh and What We Do. Like Depeche Mode, most of their loyal fans are just happy to hear new music from them. It is no surprise that the band recently enjoyed a successful showing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. DEVO has taken its music to the alternative masses. Their journey begins by playing venues just like San Manuel.

Following performances by the English Beat and the Tom Tom Club, the band came out to their adoring fans sporting their new do’s, and later their traditional beehive domes, DEVO provided a good mix of new and old tunes. With that techno-punkish-Fred Schneider-esque-robot churning sound, DEVO was loyal to their roots. They played such songs as New-Wave classics like Beautiful World, Peek-A Boo, Whip It and more punk-like tunes such as That’s Good and Girl U Want.  The video display was outrageous, suggestive and very much DEVOThe crowd expected an audio and visual mind-blowing experience, and they got what they came for.

DEVO is currently on tour in support of their re-evolution. For more information on the band and their tour go to or DEVO on FaceBook. Their new album Something For Everybody is in stores now. It can also be found on iTunes.

DEVO features: Mark Mothersbaugh [Vocals/Synthesizers], Bob Mothersbaugh [Vocals/Guitar], Gerald Casale [Vocals/Bass Guitar], Bob Casale [Guitar/Keyboards] and Josh Freese [Drums].

For more information on upcoming events at San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, go to

Check out TNN’s photos from the show!

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