Foo Fighters at the LA Forum

Concert review by Amanda Graziano

Legendary venue, meet legendary band. The Foo Fighters came to town this past Thursday and Friday night and completely took over The Forum. The Forum, as any good Southern Californian knows, is the venue that housed decades of legendary performances and it is the former home of the Los Angeles Lakers. Although, back then it was known as The Fabulous Forum. Now that the Foo Fighters have graced its stage yet again, there are two more legendary performances to be added to the books.

For their current tour, the Foos enlisted the help of local LA band, Mariachi El Bronx. Mariachi El Bronx is actually the alter ego spin off version of the Bronx, a hard core punk band that burst onto the scene in 2002. In 2009, to the surprise of many, the band decided to trade in their punk rock lyrics and hard core sound for the more melodic and regional sounds of Mexico. Although most people initially thought that the band was doing this as a joke, the band has made quite the effort to prove all of the doubters wrong. They have remained completely sincere in their efforts to display their love for mariachi music, and by doing so, they have introduced the beautiful genre to a whole new audience.

Also enlisted as help on the tour are Kentucky natives Cage The Elephant. After the release of the first single, Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked off of their self-titled debut album, this five member band received what seemed to be instantaneous recognition and appreciation. Although the recognition for their music may have come first, the fans’ appreciation for the band’s desire to not conform to popular sound or appearance just might be what gives them their edge. During the band’s set on Friday night, lead singer Matt Shultz briefly shared the story of how drummer Jared Champion’s appendix recently burst while on stage; it seemed as though the band was down a drummer. However, towards the end of the story, Matt turned sideways and welcomed tour mate and Foo Fighters front man Dave Grohl to the stage; the crowd went completely nuts. Matt and Dave shared a quick hug right before Dave sat down and took his old, but familiar place behind the drum set. The fans at The Forum didn’t seem to mind the substitute at all.

After an awesome, Dave infused second half of Cage The Elephant’s set, the house lights went back on and fans began to eagerly wait for the main event. Then, after a mere twenty minutes, the house lights were turned off and the stage lights came back on; as the lighting structures were raised, the Foo Fighters emerged. The band came out rocking to Bridge Burning, the first song off of their latest album Wasting Light and actually played the better part of the album through out the rest of the night. With fan favorites like All My Life, Pretender and Monkey Wrench thrown in with new favorite like These Days, Rope and Walk, the Foos easily managed to play a two hour set. In true Foo Fighters fashion, the show was far from over.

The boys exited the stage to cool off and take a breather, and while the crowd was being distracted by a video

asking how many songs they wanted the Foos to play for an encore, Dave somehow managed to make his way to the end of the stage extension undetected. As a single, solitary spotlight shined on Dave, standing there by himself with only his acoustic guitar, the cheers and the applause of the crowd could be heard from around the block. Dave proceeded to play Long Road to Ruin and Best of You acoustic to the back of the stadium before the rest of the band hopped back on stage. The Foo Fighters finished off the rest of the show with four more songs, including Everlong as the grand finale, which left no fan disappointed.

With all of the joking about Chris’ first concert at The Forum being White Snake and Dave being a self proclaimed “valley girl” aside, the Foos put on a seriously amazing show. The show featured a light show to boot, constant smiles from the bands and ceaseless applause from every one of the 16,000 plus fans in attendance. The Foo Fighters definitely made sure to give their fans their money’s worth and then some; two great opening acts, a guest appearance by Fee Waybill of The Tubes during Miss The Misery, and a 2 hour and 45 minute Foo Fighters performance chalk full of hits. To sum it all up, the night was legendary.

For more information on the Foo Fighters, or their tour, go to You can also go to their social media pages on Twitter, FaceBook and MySpace. Their music can also be found on iTunes.

Foo Fighters feature: Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shiflett and Pat Smear.

Check out TNN’s photos from the show!

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