HOLE – Nobody’s Daughter Album Review

HOLE – Nobody’s Daughter
Album review by JD Alvarez

Hail Hail Rock n’ Roll, resilient are those who can live through this, and “this” is anything resembling the life that has been the spectacle that is Courtney Love. The gal that personified Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll. 2010 is the what many consider the triumphant return of Hole with Nobody’s Daughter. This is their fourth studio album, it was released worldwide on April 27th. This is their first album in twelve years, since 1998’s Celebrity Skin; and also the band’s first album since their 2009 reunion. That is if you don’t count the train wreck that was Love’s solo project America’s Sweetheart back in 2004.

Nobody’s Daughter is a combination of self indulgent rants, proclamations, wishes and healing remedies. The album jacket dedicates the album to a variety of people, despite this mask, the lyrics lead us to only one conclusion, that being obvious of who the songs are really about. Despite a turmoiled last few years, Hole and Love (in particular) make an earnest attempt at regaining some industry respect and for Love regain her vocals. A few tunes like Skinny Little Bitch are reminiscent of Celebrity Skin, however the majority of the album is more acoustic and somewhat pop-like in nature. Songs that hit the radio waves are Skinny Little Bitch, released March 16th, Pacific Coast Highway, released April 6th and Letter to God, released April 20th. All strong efforts, but critical acclaim for the album is more than likely not forthcoming. Like all artists that had a mega hit debut album like Live Through This, they will always be compared to that. With that said, the strongest song the follows the true life sufferings that only a rock star can write about with conviction is laid out in How Dirty Girls Get Clean. Also check out Never Go Hungry, not a true alt-rock tune, but a very good song nonetheless.

Although Nobody’s Daughter is not their crowning achievement, it is still a strong effort by most standards. In the end, this is a very positive sign that Courtney Love may be back on the road to rock star form. Let’s hope that’s the case and not an attempt to simply breathe and tell us where she’s been as Letter to God may suggest.

Hole was scheduled to tour extensively throughout Europe in support of the album, however, due to a mysterious and unspecified “legal matter,” all European dates outside of the UK were canceled and replaced with North American venues. Hole hits the US this summer, for tour information go to www.hole.com.

Hole features: Courtney Love [Guitar/Vocals], Micko Larkin [Guitar], Shawn Dailey [Bass], and Stuart Fisher [Drums].

Secondary contributions include: Linda Perry [Guitar, acoustic guitar on “Letter to God” and “Never Go Hungry”], Peter Thorn [Guitar, acoustic guitar on “Letter to God”], Paul Ill [Bass on “Letter to God”], Kellii Scott [Drums on “Letter to God”], Jack Irons [Additional Drums], Damon Fox [Piano on “Letter to God”], Peter Levin [Piano/keys on “Someone Else’s Bed”], Thomas Bartlett [Piano on “Happy Ending Story”], Erik Friedlander [Cello on “Nobody’s Daughter, “Honey”, “Samantha”, “Someone Else’s Bed, “For Once in Your Life”, “Letter to God” and “Happy Ending Story”] and Jenni Muldaur [Backing vocals on “Nobody’s Daughter”, “Pacific Coast Highway” and “For Once in Your Life”] with Martha Wainwright [Backing vocals on “Nobody’s Daughter” and “Pacific Coast Highway”].


Released April 23, 2010

Recorded January 2009-2010 at Glenwood Place Studios, Burbank, California; Henson Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California and Electric Lady Studios, New York, NY

Length 47:09

Genre Alternative Rock

Label CherryForever, Mercury/Island Def Jam and Universal Music Group

Producer(s) Michael Beinhorn, Micko Larkin and Linda Perry

Album Play List

1. Nobody’s Daughter

2. Skinny Little Bitch

3. Honey

4. Pacific Coast Highway

5. Samantha

6. Someone Else’s Bed

7. For Once In Your Life

8. Letter to God

9. Loser Dust

10. How Dirty Girls Get Clean

11. Never Go Hungry

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