Hootenanny 2013‏

Review by Candace Coy

hootenanny13 HEF 5-20-13.epsOn July 6, 2013 Face to Face and Social Distortion headlined a little festival called The Hootenanny at Oak Canyon Ranch, CA. The air was fresh, the sun was bright and it was brutally hot. As I made my way through the dust and dirt, I couldn’t help but notice all the Betties that were dressed to the nines in their high heels and pencil skirts. They had perfectly lined eyes, bold long lashes and the signature ruby red lips. It was very impressive considering the hot temperature and the outdoor venue

Waiting for the main events, I walked the grounds to get a feel of the crowd. There were tons of merchandise booths selling T-shirts, knick knacks and rockabilly inspired clothing. There was even a small car show that brought a little nostalgia back to Orange County. Amongst the sea of people drinking and smoking, was a little side stage that housed some of the lessor known acts that in my opinion could be the next up and coming main events. The energy of each performance had a different feel to it. Like a raw emotion that you don’t see very much with the bands that have been jaded by fame. One of my favorites was Vinnie and the Hooligans. They seemed to have a decent following, and I especially liked how they put a little piece of passion in every note they sang and played. Once they finished playing, I made a few more rounds through the merchandise booths, caught the tail end of the Miss Hootenanny contest and waited for Face to Face to take the stage.

HO11At approximately 5:40 p.m. Trevor Keith, Chad Yaro, Scott Shifflett and Danny Thompson took the stage. They opened the show with Should anything go wrong. The moment they opened their mouths, it was like a flash mob, or mosh rather, had broken out in the middle of the field. It was infectious! Even I could not resist the pull of the crowd dancing in circles, all the while pushing and shoving. They got through a few more songs that got the crowd going. They sang You Lied and the mosh pits continued.

They closed their set with crowd favorite Disconnected, that’s when the crowd went wild. People were bobbing their heads and singing along to the words.  It was a perfect way for the crowd to gear up for the last band of the night.

HO12When Social Distortion took the stage, it was already the beginning of the end. The audience seemed giddy with excitement, as well as booze. There were kids sitting on the shoulders of their fathers and women on the shoulders of their significant others. The mosh pits came to halt and it was like the calm before the storm. Once Mike Ness started singing So far away, the audience became a huge tempest of flailing arms and legs swirling, dancing, pushing and shoving. By the time the first song was over, I had bloody lip. It was time to exit the lions pit and stay on the tamer side of things. Another crowd favorite was Story of my  life. Again, the crowd rose to the occasion swaying to the music and singing every word out loud.  The crowd get really rowdy when Social D sang Ball and Chain. Headbands came off, hats got thrown and shoes went flying..  Halfway through their show they brought the “chillins” onto the stage and they all got to say their name into the mic. Mike Ness told them to forget about school for the next three months and pay attention to what happened here on July 6, 2013. It was classic. Last of course, but definitely not least they closed the show with the Johnny Cash classic, Ring of Fire. Considering the mosh pits, the heat and the sweat, it was quite appropriate. Needless to say this was a great show. I can’t wait to see what next year brings!


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