Jimmy Eat World – The Wiltern

Concert review by Amanda Graziano

A praise chorus; a celebration. That’s what took place Thursday night (September 29th, 2011) during a sold out show at The Wiltern Theatre. Despite being born and bred in Arizona, Jimmy Eat World made a point to come to Los Angeles to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of their album Bleed American. The album, which was actually renamed a few months after it’s release due to the terrorist attacks on 9/11, included such hits as The Middle, Sweetness and A Praise Chorus was Jimmy Eat World’s third studio album. Although this show wasn’t their first trip down memory lane, this one was said to be extra special for the band, especially considering who was opening for them that night.

Christie Front Drive, an emo/rock band from Denver, opened for their good friends Jimmy Eat World. As told by lead singer Eric Richter, the band actually shared an interesting history with Jimmy Eat World. Some fifteen or so years ago the two bands were supposed to play a show together. However, due to what seemed to be recalled as a “skateboarding accident,” the two never got to perform together. Even though it may have happened years later, the performance was definitely one that meant a lot to the bands.

After a nice set by Christie Front Drive, Jimmy Eat World took the stage and kicked off their eleven song set with the album’s self titled track Bleed American. They proceeded to play the entire album front to back and through out the set, lead singer Jim Adkins took the time to share personal stories surrounding the release of Bleed American. With a set list filled with fan favorites, the crowd danced and sang along all night long. Then, once Bleed American had been played in it’s entirety, the band briefly exited the stage before returning for a ten song encore. They played hits like Work, Big Casino and Pain. They even threw in a full length, sixteen minute version of Goodbye Sky Harbor.

All in all, after twenty one songs and a great opening act, Jimmy Eat World’s anniversary show was a success. Not a fan in the crowd left disappointed, or with their voice still intact.

For more information on Jimmy Eat World, go to www.jimmyeatworld.com or their social media pages on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. Their music can also be found on iTunes.

Jimmy Eat World features: Jim Adkins, Tom Linton, Rick Burch and Zach Lind.

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