Musink Tattoo and Music Festival

Review by Gil Perez

The 6th Annual Musink Tattoo and Music Festival
rolled into Costa Mesa Friday, March 10th, 20-13. This event proved to bring some of the areas best bands and tattoo artists for one solid weekend of beer, ink, contests and yes…. more beer. The weather did little to keep eager fans from staying indoors as both venues were seemingly packed to the gills, throughout the day.

MI 22Night one was going to be a concentrated lesson in punk rock. Fridays’ show featured Los Angeles punk icons, Bad Religion. These 1979 Punk Rock Gods are most known for songs such as Sorrow, Infected, Los Angeles is Burning, 21st Century (Digital Boy) and more recent releases such as the Devil in Stitches and F* You.  Although, if you asked most of the female concertgoers who they were looking forward to seeing over the next three days, many couldn’t wait to see lead singer Greg Graffin! Also appearing on night one were local favorites, The Vandals. They too are an early 80’s era punk band who found success with tunes like Urban Struggle and Lady Killer.  Like Bad Religion, many of the concertgoers were looking forward to lead singer Dave Quackenbush’s performance. Not to be forgotten, was Guttermouth. Needless to day, fans stood shoulder-to-shoulder and thrashed about to each band. The seemingly shortened set-lists often left the crowd wanting more, but it was just enough to wet the palate for the next band approaching the stage. Needless to say it was a mosh-pit heaven for the punk enthusiast.

MI 30If it was possible, night two proved to be just as loud and full of mayhem. Saturday night featured the long awaited reunion of punk legends, Pennywise.  These cats formed in 1988 and are from Hermosa Beach. They have been the heart the heart and soul on many Punk aficionados here in the Southland.  The show was dubbed the reunion of lead vocalist Jim Lindberg and Fletcher Dragge. It is even Punk fans love their idols, but they love their music even more. Ask any fan there, when you say Pennywise… they bark out F*Authority, or Bro Hmyn, or Victim of Reality! media sources will tell you that the band has had more recent hits like The Western World and Let Us Hear your Voice.  Needless to say the fans got what they came to hear, these guys took to the stage like they had never left.  The crowd was a sea of pendletons, straight billed hats, a sea of tats; and chants…. “Welcome to Bro-ville.”

Now, like night one, night two opened with two very accomplished bands as well.  Opening were TSOL and Lagwagon. TSOL has been around for many years, and despite their age, I have to tip my hat off to their energy and overall performance. Lagwagon put on an entertaining set as always, playing some old favorites for the crowd, but what everyone was really waiting for was the Pennywise reunion.  The fans got what they came for, and more.

MI 35Just when you think there was nothing left in the tank, Sunday was definitely not a day of rest. The final night featured Victory Records newest addition, The Reverend Horton Heat; or Jim Heath as he is known to some mortals. Heath is best known for his uber-hits Lie Detector and Bails of Cocaine, the Rev. was nothing less than Bad-Ass! The Rev. kept the crowd enthralled with his style of psychobilly-punk-funk! Like the other nights, not to be outdone, Jonny Two Bags and Lucero were present to help festival goers regain their wits just before the good ole’ Reverend sent them home!

Musink has become more than a concert experience, it’s more of a social even that punk rock fans gather to; just like Woodstock, or a Greatful Dead show. Needless to say, this year’s festival was one of the must see concert events of 2013. We can’t wait to see what they have in store for next year.

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