Neon Trees at Pacific Amphitheater

Concert Review by JD Alvarez

It was a very beautiful Saturday night at the Orange County Fair. Families were enjoying the rides, the critters and not to mention the food.  On the heels of an appearance by Bob Dylan at the Pacific Amphitheater, the patrons of the OC Fair filed in to enjoy the sites and sounds of Eastern Conference Champions, and Neon Trees.

The opening act was Philadelphia born, but L.A. raised Eastern Conference Champions, [“ECC”]. After their first song lead singer Josh Ostrander announced that this was their first fair, the band   surprisingly showed very little nervousness. They carried on their set with a nice assortment of Snyth-Alt tunes that impressed. There was even a twinge of that Alt-Country sound that’s going around. They ended nicely with a very dynamic drum threesome that brought the crowd to its feet.

The crowd was a buzz over the ECC drumline performance, it was nearly showtime; the crowd started to fill in the Amphitheater nicely. Not quite a packed house, but a nice size crowd nonetheless. It was interesting the mix of multi-generational fans that were there. There were the expected teens and tweens, but surprisingly there was a good presence of 40 something females that seemed to know every word to each song.

With a much awaited anticipation, the Neon Trees took the stage. Tyler Glenn is the bands flamboyant lead singer. He’s a local boy from nearby Murrietta who migrated to find his fame through  Utah with a Killer stop in Vegas. It was apparent he was in his element in “the OC.” Glenn came out with his now trademark mohawk and red leather “thriller-esque” red leather jacket. In addition to Glenns’ colorful outfit, the band also features a very cool “Some Kind of Wonderful” female drummer that can hold her own.

Glenn seemed somewhat nervous at first, but after an unplanned shoe flying incident, he quickly found his mark; much to the delite of the screaming teens, tweens and the 40 somethings.  Although it’s been over a year since their debut release “Habits” in 2010, their fan base just seems to be growing. They played their full set of songs, and to the delight of their fans the set included their mega hits 1983 and Animal.

The show was fresh, but short. You got what you paid for; nothing more, nothing less. It was a nice night out under the stars.

Neon Trees is currently on their world tour. For more information on the tour and all there is to know about the Neon Trees go to

Neon Trees Features Tyler Glenn (Vocals / Keyboards), Chris Allen (Guitar / Vocal),

Branden Campbell (Bass Guitar / Vocals) and Elaine Bradley (Drums).

Check out TNN’s photos from the show!

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