Puddle of Mudd – Viper Room

Concert review by Amanda Graziano

As the marine layer slowly crept in and began to hover over the Sunset Strip, so did the eager fans waiting outside of The Viper Room doors. Hard core fans from all over the LA area came to enjoy a subtly announced, but not quite secret show performed by none other than Puddle Of Mudd. Hot off the heals of their Rock Allegiance tour and performance at Epicenter, the band decided to make a quick pit stop at the legendary Viper Room to perform an intimate show before heading over seas. With a feel so laid back and low key that the band was able to enjoy an uninterrupted cigarette break before entering the venue, the performance was bound to be incredible.

As fans waited patiently for the “special guests” to take the stage, the anticipation for what was about to happen next was almost unbearable. Then, after about twenty minutes, the lights went off and the first band took the stage. To everyone’s delight, it was local band Angels Fall. A rock band with acoustic driven songs, and a lead singer who seemed to have a slight vocal likeness to Scott Stapp of Creed; they were an instant hit. Although they had just dropped their debut album not too long ago, Angels Fall had already toured with Seether just a few months prior to this event. Playing shows to tens of thousands of people must have prepared them for a show like this one, because they showed no sign of nervousness.

After about a thirty minute set and a few quick changes on stage, Badwater emerged. Once again, the crowd wasn’t disappointed. These local boys came prepared to put on a show. With a sound clearly influenced by such bands as Led Zeppelin and Muse, and a lead singer who moved like Jack Black, but sang like Jim Morrison, the crowd stayed alive and kicking the entire night.

After two solid performances, it was time; the band that everyone came to see was about to take the stage. With the stage lights off, and the crowd pushed back far enough away from the stage to make a small pathway, the door opened. Almost instantaneously the crowd began to clap and cheer. A few moments later, dark figures hopped on stage and picked up their instruments. Then, they hit the lights. The packed room began to roar.

Puddle Of Mudd opened the show with Stoned and got the crowd pumped up right off the bat. Everyone in the room was ecstatic to hear Wes sing so well, considering that he had just recently blown out his voice at Epicenter. However, after the performance during the opening song, no one would’ve ever been able to tell that happened. The band followed their first song up by playing one of their more well known songs Psycho, and all of the fans in the venue were happy to sing along with them.

Puddle Of Mudd’s 12 song set list was composed of both newer songs and old favorites, and it even included a cover of Neil Young’s Old Man. The guys made sure to thank the fans in-between every song. They finished the show off strong by ending with She Hates Me, which due to the lyrics in the chorus is definitely their fans’ favorite song to sing along to. The lights grew dim once again, with a gracious demeanor and appreciative goodbyes, Puddle Of Mudd left the building.

Check out TNN’s photos from the show here!

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