Quicksand – HOB, San Diego‏

Concert review by Christina Cadillac Margarita

Q102011 marked the return of Quicksand after a 15-year departure from the music scene.  Having just seen two shows of their 2013 North American Tour, it is hard to believe that they ever left. The band is as tight as ever, and the fans are coming to see them with just as much enthusiasm.

Their opening band, Title Fight, felt like a Quicksand for the new generation. Title Fight recently toured with Rise Against, which significantly increased their teenage fan base. From the very first song, Numb, the kids were singing along as loudly as they could. I met a couple of 15 year old kids in the front row and they said that Title Fight was their favorite band. Ironic that the years they have spent on this earth is the same length of time that the headlining band has been on a “break”. It seemed that there was an assembly line of crowd surfers for the entire set and most of the kids knew the words to every song they played.

By the time that Quicksand took the stage, all of the teenagers had made a mass exodus of the venue; having no idea what they were missing out on. All of the older crowd had started to migrate down from the bar in the 21+ section and make their way to the stage. There was a steady small mosh pit for the entire set, however it appeared to be moving in slow motion. Clearly a sign of the age of its participants and a stark contradiction to the teenagers crowd surfing for the opening band. After all, if you are in your 30s your back is probably starting to hurt, you are tired of standing and you have work in the morning.

Q9The set began with Omission and included Thorn In My Side, Slip and Dine Alone. Frontman/Guitarist Walter Schreifels, a long and lanky gentleman with boyish good looks that you would probably expect to see more in an office cubicle than fronting an NYC post-hardcore band; rocked out gracefully, waving his arms and bouncing up and down. He is a man of few words, having only addressed the crowd on a couple occasions. He humorously referred to Sergio as the “Puerto Rican Morrisey”. Drummer Alan Cage didn’t draw any particular attention to himself. But, he was solid and held it down. Guitarist Tom Capone was visually intriguing with his black clothing, bald head and the light show shining brightly though his ears.

After Dine Alone, Walter said to the crowd, “San- Dee-Ago!” reminiscent of the voice of Will Ferrell in Anchor Man. Followed by, “This is another song about weirdness and loneliness.” Then they began playing one of the clear highlights of the show, an amazing cover of The Smiths’ How Soon Is Now. Sergio Vega was appropriately dressed in a The Smiths t-shirt, the same one he wore in LA on Tuesday. I really want some of whatever Sergio is smoking. Every time I see him you can’t wipe the smile off his face and he looks like he is on top of the world.

Q3The crowd remained faithful through the encore and sang along to Shovel with fists pumping in the air. After the last song, Landmine Spring Walter ended by telling the crowd that they had been “…f*cking amazing and it feels so good to be back.”

There really isn’t any way that I couldn’t have enjoyed Quicksand. You have bassist Sergio Vega that is also in one of my all time favorite bands, The Deftones. Drummer Alan Cage, who was also the drummer for Seaweed, which is another favorite band of mine. It is quite remarkable that Quicksand made such a lasting impression after only releasing two albums in the early ‘90s. “Slip” in 1993 and the more successful “Manic Compression” in 1995.

Q1In a lot of ways I feel like Quicksand is a band’s band. At the two shows I saw this week, I saw members of Alkaline Trio, Strung Out, H20, P.O.D. and Sprung Monkey in the crowd. A lot of my friends tell me that Quicksand is one of the reasons that they started playing music to begin with. They aren’t a household name, but they are greatly appreciated by musicians and certainly appreciated by me.

You can connect with Quicksand on Facebook www.facebook.com/QuicksandNYC and their official website www.quicksandnyc.com. You can also follow them on http://www.tumblr.com. Their music is available on iTunes and they are touring North America until January 31st.

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